Milestone is aptly named, both for its importance to those associated with the company as well as for the fundamental change it brings to the financial recognition industry. To deliver the most effective deal toys in today's market requires operating flexibility, exceptional experience, and a stream-lined infrastructure that facilitates the depth of service required by the most discerning clients; it also requires an avoidance of the  extensive corporate overhead that now characterizes several market participants. Our decade plus experience in designing customized pieces;  having been charged with developing and managing critical client relationships;  having worked first hand for years in market centers such as New York and London as well as building the most successful financial recognition business ever in Asia Pacific, all led us to conclude that a new, specialized firm was needed. Most importantly clients are seeking the most responsive, innovative, consistent and value driven supplier. Simply put, gone are the days when size can be connoted with service quality. As the market has laid bare, size can also create complacency as well as lock in a seemingly endless chase to meet corporate overhead. Other participants are either too resource constrained or too inexperienced to meet the needs of this specialized, niche market. In either instance, the net result falls short in meeting customer needs.  In a direct, and efficient manner, Milestone shall provide the most insightful, creative designs, and at the most competitive prices. As a firm we appreciate the unifying themes that characterize institutions with a global reach, but at the same time understand the critical importance of regional influences as to process, design and ultimately client satisfaction.